Covered Outdoor Learning Areas

Better Sheds. Bigger Choice.

Covered Outdoor Learning Areas

Our Schoolmaster design provides solid shade and maximum shelter from the sun and rain. Covered Outdoor Learning Areas (COLAs) come in a wide range of shapes and sizes with models suitable for small lunch areas or large playgrounds.

All main structural members are fabricated from premium quality galvanised steel, fastened with high tensile grade 8.8 zinc plated bolts and nuts. Sub frame members are bolted between the main frames to prevent twisting and distortion under wind load.

Cola Features

We have removed the potentially dangerous diagonal wall braces and replaced them with lateral braces high up the columns and out of harm’s way. Our COLAs also feature unique ‘folded edge ‘column flashings to reduce the risk of contact with sharp metal edges.

Extra protection is available with the addition of curtain walls and gable infill’s. These low cost and functional additions provide a barrier from wind or driving rain on higher buildings constructed over ball courts and other sports areas.